Spring Fever

This winter in Central Illinois has certainly been strange to say the least and one for the records – literally.  We have had a record small amount of moisture (snow) and if I am not mistaken,  February has been one of the warmest since records have been kept.  And lots of sickness.  Colds, flu, fevers, aches and pain.  I was not spared.  In fact, I just finished my second round of antibiotics to get rid of a nasty sinus infection that followed an equally nasty bout of asthmatic bronchitis.  But for the past week I have had a good kind of fever – Spring Fever!!  Last Saturday afternoon I worked outside in shorts and a sleeveless top and actually got sunburned!  And what was I outside doing?  Thinking of flowers of course!

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Spring is my favorite time of the year.  The farm is changing daily with new growth and blooms.  My morning walks are even more enjoyable as I am serenaded by the singing of the many birds as they welcome each new day.  Last week we received some much needed rainfall.  I am anxious for the return of sunshine and warm weather.

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I hope that your plans this weekend include quality time with your loved ones.  Easter Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year.  And it looks like the weather will be perfect for all of our family activities.

Here is a peak at my guest bathroom all decorated for spring.  This is the bathroom used by my granddaughters, so I also like to decorate it with fun, seasonal things.




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I am very fortunate in so many ways and feel very blessed that I live on a farm.  One thing I certainly have is plenty of yard space!!!  A few posts back I shared some of the items on my front porch.  Now I would like to invite you to the back yard.

I am in the process of redesigning the plants and planters in the back yard.  For many years, this area was seeded with native wildflowers.  Along with native wildflowers come native weeds!  And being farmers and good stewards of the land, my husband and I know the importance of rotating crops.  So we mowed the wildflowers and let the area grow back to grass.  Now I am ready to turn it into a flower garden. Read More »


It appears that Spring has finally won the long-fought battle with Winter here in the Midwest.  Temperatures are finally in the mid-70’s with lots of sunshine.  We have received so much rain with very cool temperatures this past month.  Our hearts and prayers go out to those whose homes have been damaged by the floods.  And to the farmers as they wait for saturated fields to become dry enough for the tractors and planters.

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