My Front Porch

Happy Monday!  I hope that everyone had a delightful weekend.  Today I would like to invite you to my front porch.


I consider my front porch to be an extension of the indoor living space. And so my indoor decorating scheme continues outside.  Two of the most essential items are the rocking chairs, which provide my husband Murray and I with some wonderfully relaxing moments.


Between the chairs is an old bench that I purchased at an antique store in Galena, Il several years ago.  On the bench is an old watering can, a birdhouse, and a bucket of the rye grass that I talked about in an earlier blog.  And of course there is always room on the bench for an early morning cup of coffee or a late afternoon glass of iced tea.


Kathi and I have also included a few antique quilts, with one draped over a railing and one on each of the chairs.  Notice the adorable burlap pillows on the chairs – one of several crafting projects of the Sisters (watch for more details about our crafts in a future blog!).  And one of my favorite birthday gifts from the Sisters, a lighted birdhouse on a stand.


I have a very difficult time parting with any of my treasures and am always seeking ways to use and recycle old items.  I love using the old rusty wheelbarrow to hold the galvanized tub which serves as a lovely planter.  And like the rye grass in the buckets and wash basin, they can be easily moved to other areas to create different outdoor displays.  One planter that is permanent is the old lard kettle that for many years displayed lovely flowers in dear mother-in-law’s garden.


I love my front porch.  And as is the case inside my house, I like to rearrange and move things around to create different looks.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please visit again.  I look forward to taking you on a tour of the backyard and the berry patch!

Until next time,

Pat and Kathi

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