Kathi’s House

Welcome to my home. I can’t believe Easter is fast approaching and that means Spring is on the way! I have a lilac bush outside my kitchen window and the other day there were 5 red cardinals in the bush. It was so pretty to see. I wish I had some photography skills, it would have been a beautiful picture. But for now, come inside and see some pictures of my house.

green cabinet

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Grocery Cart

When I was a young girl growing up in rural Central Illinois, the neighborhood grocery store was at the center of our community.  It was so much more and much bigger than the actual square footage of the building.  The Alta Grocery was a place where area residents purchased staples to survive – bread, milk, and meat.  It was the gathering place where all the business of the community was discussed.  It also housed the post office.  Our address was Box 31, Alta, Illinois – no zip code.  You could also catch the Greyhound bus from Alta to Peoria.  My sister Pam and I rode the bus many times to meet our grandmother in Peoria.

Several years ago, I was at an auction and was very lucky to purchase an old grocery cart from the Alta Grocery.


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Easter Decorated Hoosier

The Hoosier-style cabinet in the dining room is one of my favorite pieces of furniture.  And I continue to change the items I display on the cabinet – sometimes several times a day!  Even though the ground outside is white with snow and more is falling and on the way as I write this, I have decided to forge ahead with Spring decorations.


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