I am very fortunate in so many ways and feel very blessed that I live on a farm.  One thing I certainly have is plenty of yard space!!!  A few posts back I shared some of the items on my front porch.  Now I would like to invite you to the back yard.

I am in the process of redesigning the plants and planters in the back yard.  For many years, this area was seeded with native wildflowers.  Along with native wildflowers come native weeds!  And being farmers and good stewards of the land, my husband and I know the importance of rotating crops.  So we mowed the wildflowers and let the area grow back to grass.  Now I am ready to turn it into a flower garden. Read More »


No pictures for this blog, just a report on the adventures of the Sisters this past weekend.  On Saturday, Kathi and I, along with our sister Carla, and her daughter (our niece) Britney participated in an exciting workshop.  We are always on the look-out for interesting sales, auctions, restaurants (especially tearooms, they have the best desserts!), antique and/or craft shops, or any fun and interesting activity.  We were fortunate enough to discover Second Betty, a delightful shop in Morton, IL that sells vintage furniture, antiques and gifts.Read More »