Merry Christmas

On this snowy, windy, terribly cold winter day, and since we are only a few days from Christmas, I thought I would share some of my decorations.

I bought a new Christmas tree this year and I love it.  It has small lights and round lights that look like big snowflakes.  It also has pinecones and is a tint of glittery white.

The old barn at the farm where my son Corey and his family live could not be saved.  So before it was demolished, I took all of the wood and doors that could be salvaged.  This is one of the doors with a picture of the barn on the door.  The Blessed sign is one that I painted using a piece of the barnwood.

The dining room.

The dining room table centerpiece.

Antique jugs with faux poinsettias. 

I love these trees and have them in several places around the house.  Another sign that I painted using wood from the old barn.  And the wintery scene outside!!!

The antique dresser in the hallway. 

In my bathroom.  Although I don’t particularly like faux flowers, this arrangement from Jeffrey Alans is quite pretty.  And I love the red bells in the vase.

The guest bathroom and another barnwood sign.  I love using old jars.  You will notice them in several areas throughout the house.

On the sink in the guest bathroom.  More faux flowers in an antique vase.

More trees on the nightstand in my bedroom.

This year, I even decorated a bit in bedroom #2 and..

In bedroom #3.

It has been a good year.  Another year of adjustment and change for me.  I am extremely thankful for all the many blessings I have in my life.  My family, my co-workers, my friends, my neighbors, my church, and all of you.  I will be working on another blog to be posted by the end of the year with a recap of my flower business and what is in store for next year.

I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Until next time,


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