It seems like more and more time is passing between my posts on the blog!!  April and May have been extremely busy months for the sisters.  We are preparing for Britney (Carla’s daughter) and Justin’s wedding on June 7.  On April 27 we had Britney’s bridal shower at my house.  A great time was had by all.  On Saturday, May 3, SistersCg loaded Kathi’s truck and Carla’s car and headed for the Six Chics Spring Market in Clinton, IL.  Hope you enjoy the pictures of some of our wares!!!Read More »


For many years, whenever my sisters and I would get together we would spend a great deal of time making all sorts of plans – plans for trips we want to go on, plans for shops and tearooms we wanted to visit, plans for upcoming celebrations, plans for our futures, plans for our children’s futures, and plans for our dream job of owning our own business.  We would talk for hours and be all excited about our plans, but the time to leave would come and we would say our good-byes, share hugs and kisses and with lots of “I Love You’s” we would return to our homes, our jobs and the realities of life.  But we always had our plans and dreams in the back of our minds.Read More »


It has been a very exciting year for SistersCg.  My sisters and I are having a wonderful time attending craft shows, designing and creating new items, learning the ins and outs of a small business, and discovering just how creative we are.  We hosted our first annual Holiday Open House at my home and were delighted at the number of family and friends who attended.  Thanks to Deb from Rubbish to Rubies for her stunning metalwork items, Jenny for her lovely knit items, and Jaime for her beautiful jewelry for joining us.  We had a great time decorating the entire house, creating a festive and holiday setting for the open house.Read More »