It has been a very exciting year for SistersCg.  My sisters and I are having a wonderful time attending craft shows, designing and creating new items, learning the ins and outs of a small business, and discovering just how creative we are.  We hosted our first annual Holiday Open House at my home and were delighted at the number of family and friends who attended.  Thanks to Deb from Rubbish to Rubies for her stunning metalwork items, Jenny for her lovely knit items, and Jaime for her beautiful jewelry for joining us.  We had a great time decorating the entire house, creating a festive and holiday setting for the open house.


The hooser-style cabinet in the dining room is a great piece of furniture and so fun to decorate.  And of course, I like to use vintage items that I have – like the mason jars and an old porcelain dishpan.  I am so fortunate that I live on a farm with access to a variety of plants and vegetation to use for indoor decorating.  Thanks to Ryan and Allison for letting me use some clippings from their lovely blue spruce!  The lighted mason jar makes a beautiful accent light.


Fresh greens, berries, and pine cones make a beautiful holiday centerpiece.  And it smells absolutely wonderful!


Now to the basement.  More mason jars with fresh greens and a piece of twine to add the finishing touch.  I love to burn my oil lamp.  It adds so much character and charm to any room.  The burlap joy banner is just one of many items made by SistersCg and available to purchase.


Along with homemade crafts, my sisters and I have a great love of cooking and good food.  The long countertop makes an ideal serving area for the delicious items we served our guests.  Notice the handmade burlap wreath hanging on the old window pane, the metal Christmas tree, and the old galvanized pan filled with fresh greens, berries, and pine cones, all from SistersCg!

7415More craft items from SistersCg.  Old window panes – one decorated with a metal snowflake and another with a metal ornament, burlap bow, and fresh greens.  Carla’s lovely stenciled burlap signs, “Joy”, “Believe”, and “It’s A Wonderful Life”, which it truly is!


More of our craft items – a lighted “HOHOHO” burlap bag, candy canes, and a “Noel” burlap pillow.


The antique library table, adorned with a lovely burlap “HOHOHO” banner, always make a great place for desserts and more crafts!  Delicious cookies and cakes and a beautiful “Blessed” sign.


Another lovely arrangement in an old pan placed on a large crock, which I use as an end table.


I just love using old pans and jars for arrangements.  Look around and see what items you have that can be used to create lovely arrangements.  Be creative!!!


Kathi’s festive tree with a burlap garland and my cute little birds.  Notice the adorable snowmen, made by Carla, surrounding the tree!


Aren’t these the cutest things?  They are so fun and easy to make – burlap, buttons, twigs, a bit of sewing and hot glue!!!


Our friend Deb from Rubbish to Rubies, is so incredibly talented.  We love all of her creations.  This “Faith” ornament leaning against another old pan filled with greens is just adorable.  And notice the snowmen in the background!


Another one of Deb’s beautiful creations!


One of my favorites from Deb – a metal Christmas tree with a burlap ribbon.  And of course, plenty of refreshing beverages for our guests!!!

This year has brought many joys and blessings to our family.  Kathi became a grandmother for the third time and Carla became a grandmother for the first time.  My three granddaughters continue to grow and blossom and bring Murray and I great joy.  Working more closely with my sisters and writing this blog have been exceptionally rewarding and fulfilling for me.

And a special thanks to all of you for taking the time to visit.  I am looking forward to next year and all that lies ahead for Home On Grange Hall Road and SistersCg!!  Stay tuned!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and please visit again soon.

Merry Christmas!

Pat, Kathi, and Carla



2 thoughts on “HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE

  1. love your blog; and your style. I have old jars I’ve placed candles in; love the look but was afraid to light the candles for fear of cracking or breaking the jars but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for you so may light them tonite!

    • Carol –

      Thanks for the nice comment and for following my blog. I believe the mason jars should be fine with the candles. Let me know.

      Home On Grange Hall Road

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