Spring Fever

This winter in Central Illinois has certainly been strange to say the least and one for the records – literally.  We have had a record small amount of moisture (snow) and if I am not mistaken,  February has been one of the warmest since records have been kept.  And lots of sickness.  Colds, flu, fevers, aches and pain.  I was not spared.  In fact, I just finished my second round of antibiotics to get rid of a nasty sinus infection that followed an equally nasty bout of asthmatic bronchitis.  But for the past week I have had a good kind of fever – Spring Fever!!  Last Saturday afternoon I worked outside in shorts and a sleeveless top and actually got sunburned!  And what was I outside doing?  Thinking of flowers of course!




Murray and I spent the afternoon measuring and planning.  We will be planting many more flowers and will also be planting pumpkins.  I can hardly wait!  We also made a trip last Saturday morning to one of my favorite stores – Kelly Seed Company in downtown Peoria, IL.  Kelly’s have been in business since 1905 and has been in the Church Family since 1936.  I credit Kelly’s for getting me started last year with my purchase of 1 pound of zinnia seeds.


That turned into this wonderful business.  I swear that every single seed I planted came up.  It was incredible and has inspired and convinced me to pursue this dream.  Thank you, Kelly’s!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time,



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