Lainey’s School Project

When my granddaughter Lainey was at my house about a month ago, she and I were discussing school.  She is a freshman in high school.  Wait!!!  How did that happen?  She was telling me about a group project that involved developing a small business.  Her suggestion to her group was a flower business.  That made me swell with pride!!!  And the best part was that her group liked the idea.  They chose “Marigold Memories” as the name for their small business.  Lainey’s job was to create a marketing handout for a mock job fair.

Since we are in the midst of a record cold winter here in the Midwest, farm fresh flowers are not an option.  And I refuse to buy shipped in flowers from the local grocery store.  So we decided to make flowers.

I think they turned out great!!  And, the best thing is that I had all the materials we needed in my craft supplies.

It has been a while since I worked on a project that required the use of my trusty hot glue gun.

It was good to see that I had not lost my expertise use of the hot glue gun.  I glued one of the flowers to my little finger and ended up with a nice blister!!

We added the big flower to fill in the center.  This will be the display for the job fair. Unfortunately, Lainey was not feeling well on the day of the job fair.  But her group carried on and our crafting talents paid off as her group received a very good grade.

Today is March 1 – 19 days until Spring!!!  The forecast this weekend – wind chills below zero with accumulating snow on Sunday.  Come quickly, Spring, come quickly.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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