Happy New Year, everyone!  I realize the New Year is about seven weeks old, but I am just getting back into the swing of things since my knee replacement in mid-December.  This is my second knee replacement.  My left knee was replaced twelve years ago.  I vowed that I would not wait so long to have my right knee replaced.  But I did.  Too many things kept coming up and my procrastination was in full force.  And, ironically, when the time came, it almost didn’t happen.

The Tuesday before my scheduled surgery, my husband mentioned that he had a sore throat and felt like it was coming down with something.  I instructed him to stay away from me and not give me whatever was brewing in his system.  Early in the morning the day before my surgery, Murray awoke and his breathing sounded like he had a chest full of rocks.  I did not wait for the doctor’s office to open.  We headed straight to the emergency room.  The initial prognosis was pneumonia and that was verified later in the day after many tests and xrays.  Oh my.  In less than 24 hours, I was scheduled to have my right knee replaced.  The emergency room doctor gave Murray two options:  go home with lots of medicines or be admitted and get started on antibiotics immediately via IV.  Murray decided that if he could have his own room (he was quite tired of the small room in ER) he would stay.  I was hoping he would make that decision.  Now, what do I do?  Go ahead with the surgery?  Cancel it?  Start all over and with the possibility of waiting another 6 months?  After talking with Murray and my kids, we all decided that I should go ahead with the knee replacement.  I stayed with Murray until he was taken to his nice private room and then went to work to finish up a few things.  On my way home, I stopped by the hospital to check on Murray then headed home to prepare for my surgery the next day.

Everything went perfect with the surgery.  On Friday, December 14, I received my new knee.  My room was on the sixth floor and Murray was directly above me on the seventh floor.  We were both where we needed to be for our recovery.  Murray was hospitalized for two days and was released on Saturday morning.  I was hospitalized for one day and was released on Saturday afternoon.

My new knee is doing great.  I am back to work full-time and so looking forward to Spring and getting outside!!  It has been a long, cold, snowy winter and it looks like we have more snow to deal with this week.  So I will leave you with this picture.  Let’s all THINK SPRING AND FLOWERS!!!


Thanks for stopping by!!

Until next time,


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