The Last Beautiful Bouquet

I was hoping that freezing temperatures would hold off until November 1.  I don’t know why, but to me it makes more sense to end the growing season on November 1 instead of mid-October.  But such is life and seasons in the mid-west.  And with frost last week and a freeze warning for tonight, it is time to say good-bye and thank you to the beautiful flowers.

I always keep the first and last bouquets of the season for myself.  The first bouquet of the season gives me inspiration for the upcoming season.  The last bouquet makes me forget all the hard work and frustrations and reminds me of why I love being a flower farmher.

The zinnias are gone, but the sunflowers and marigolds are still plugging along.

This is my third year of flower farming.  I continue to learn so much each year and am already planning and anxiously anticipating next year.

I cannot adequately express my thanks to everyone who stopped by the flower cart this summer.  Your kind notes and expressions of encouragement and thanks are so touching and deeply appreciated.

The cart will be out on Saturday and Sunday.  We have pumpkins, butternut squash, and barn wood signs.  Happy Fall!!

Thanks so stopping by!!

Until next time,


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