These last couple of weeks have been very hard.  Our loyal companion and dear friend, Baxter, has been going downhill health-wise.  With many, many tears and broken hearts, we knew it was time to let go and our dear Baxter crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

My son Corey and his family rescued Baxter from the shelter when he was around 3 months old.  Lainey fell in love with him the minute she met him.  He came to stay with Murray and I seven years ago when our third grandchild was born.  He never left!!!!!

He loved being outside having fun with his family.

He loved the golf cart and his rocks.

He helped me celebrate my birthday!!

He even loved his “brother” Sam!

He especially loved his best buddy, Murray.  They were quite a pair!!

We are so thankful that Baxter blessed our lives.  His unconditional love helped us through hard times and made the good times even better.  His boundless energy and joyful personality greeted us each morning and made us realize what a great day it is!!  He made us better people.  He was and always will be our best friend.  We love you, B, and we will never forget you.

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One thought on “SO HARD TO SAY GOOD-BYE

  1. I am so very sorry for your loss of Baxter. . I am a dog person and have seen him as I drive out to the barn where my horse is boarded. I have lost many and the really special ones are the hardest. I have also seen him as I stop by for flowers. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. 💕

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