Basement Remodel Part 2

I am so thrilled with how beautiful the basement remodel turned out.  I love this area!  It reminds me of an old barn (which I love) or a quaint little antique shop – very rustic, but so cozy, warm, and inviting.


Since I have a hard time parting with any item that I may use or need at some point, the basement is an eclectic mixture of all sorts of interesting treasures.


The antique library table.

3 4

A very primitive dresser for my quilts, a big crock, and an antique bookcase displaying Murray’s tractors.  Because I wanted to keep the basement open yet conceal the storage and furnace area, I decided that curtains would serve the purpose. 


And of course there has to be a work area for my granddaughters for crafts, painting, drawing, jewelry-making, and writing.  I also use the desk as my blogging area and craft-planning area.

6 7

My favorite part of the basement is the burlap ceiling.  I just love it!


Aren’t these lights great!  I love the old-fashioned look with the Edison bulbs.  The soft light is perfect for the ambiance that I wanted to create.


When Murray and I were shopping for lights at Lowe’s, we could not decide between two different styles, so I got both!  We put three Edison lights on one side, and two of these round lights on the other side.  These two lights and a floor lamp provide perfect lighting for the seating area.  And I love the pattern from the light on the burlap!


Some of our handmade, unique items (which are for sale by SistersCg).


Murray painted the basement stairs and added stair treads, which match perfectly with the color scheme.

My goal was to create an area that would serve many purposes but not cost an arm and a leg.  Paint and burlap has certainly accomplished that!  I am so pleased.  As with all of my decorating projects, the basement is a work in progress.  I will keep you updated!!!!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy decorating!!!

Pat and Kathi

2 thoughts on “Basement Remodel Part 2

  1. I just saw your post and I’m thinking about doing the burlap in my unfinished basement. How has it held up over time? Has it fallen? Is it dusty? Thanks for the great idea!

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