Basement Remodel

Seven years ago, my husband Murray and I were so blessed to be able to build our dream retirement home.  Although it is not a large home, a one-level 1412 square foot ranch, it is perfect for us.  The full basement was not finished, although we have used it for several family gatherings.  And it is the perfect place for our granddaughters to run, play, and ride scooters. This summer we decided it was time to do something with the basement, but how to remodel it was a tough decision.  I knew what I did not want – a drop ceiling, carpeting on the floor, and drywall on the walls.  I wanted something unique, a perfect place to display all of my treasures, and an open area for the girls to have a lot of fun.

Our son Ryan built a small storage area using bead board that also conceals the sump pump, well pump and water storage tank, and the electrical box.  He also built a storage closet under the stairs.  The walls are poured concrete that look like small bricks.  I really like that look, so we decided to paint the walls country white after we applied a very good primer.  Next, we stained the concrete floor a light brown.  And now for the ceiling.


After much thought, I decided that I wanted to try covering the ceiling with burlap.  I bought 100 yards of burlap and enlisted the help of my sister and co-blogger, Kathi, her husband Dave, my sons Corey and Ryan and my daughter-in-law Allison.


Using two ladders and armed with staple guns, it did not take Kathi and Allison long to develop an efficient system for installing the burlap.  I stayed on the ground, holding the burlap and giving expert directions and advice!!;)


We covered the entire ceiling – the pipes, the wires and the ductwork.  The finished room will be the feature of the next blog.  Stay tuned!!!

Thanks for stopping by,

Pat and Kathi

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