My goodness.  Time certainly seems to fly by.  I am a bit sad that this blog has not flourished in a way that I had hoped when I first started.  It seems that it is more and more difficult to find the time to post.  But I am determined to keep it going and to post often as I can.  Let me fill you in on what has been going on.  Kathi, Carla and I have been extremely busy.  Two weeks ago, we participated in our first Morton Pumpkin Festival Craft Show.  This was very exciting for us.  As I have posted on this blog, we started our company, SistersCg, almost two years ago.  We did a few local craft shows and earlier this year were so very fortunate to be able to rent a space at Second Betty, an awesome shop in Peoria Heights.  We also wanted to stay involved in a few craft shows each year.  The Morton Pumpkin Festival Craft Show was at the top of our list.  Early this spring, I submitted our application but received the news that there were no spaces available, however our application would be kept on file in case of a cancellation.  This is a large craft show with a wait list to get in, so I did not think our chances were good.  About ten days before the start of the festival, I received a phone call saying that there had been a cancellation and asked if we wanted the space.  We were so excited and of course said yes!  However, that meant some very long nights of crafting and planning.  Remember, the three of us still work full-time jobs!!!  What a great time we had.  This is a 3-day outside event.  The first day was cold and wet.  In some of the pictures below, you can see our little area wrapped to keep out the wind and rain.  The next two days were very nice.  We sold a lot of things and made some wonderful contacts and new friends.  We spent last Saturday morning at Second Betty rearranging our little corner of the world with delightful fall items.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Our booth!  Stenciled, lighted burlap bags, metal pumpkins, fall banners, barn wood signs, and pumpkins!  Perfect for the Pumpkin Festival!


Witch’s hats, painted mason jars (with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, of course!) and more pumpkins.  Thanks Angie and Kelly for this delightful primitive cabinet.  It is perfect for displaying all our fantastic items!


I love this lighted burlap bag that Kathi stenciled and the matching burlap pumpkin that I made!


When we set up the booth, we like to use primitive furniture as part of the display.  Carla’s drop-leaf table it perfect for this display of fall items.  Our friend Deb does wonderful metal work.  I love these pumpkins!  Check out her Facebook page, Rubbish to Rubies.  Thanks, Deb!!  Carla also painted the “Fall” barn wood sign and make all the muslin pumpkins.  My sisters are so talented!!!


Now to the shop!  A nice little porcelain-top table and other goodies!


Look at this cute dresser that Carla painted!  The pumpkin and witch’s hats look great!


Carla’s drop-leaf table loaded with our fall crafts.  All for sale, including the table!


Our business card.  It is such a joy to work with my sisters.  Love you, girls!!!

Thanks for stopping by.  I am going to work this weekend on decorating my house, inside and outside, for fall.  More pictures and another blog next week!!!

Have a great weekend!

Pat, Kathi, and Carla


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