Are you as anxious for spring to arrive as I am?  Last weekend, my granddaughters Lainey and Ella helped me get all of my spring and Easter decorations out of storage.  Don’t you love it when you get seasonal decorations out and you say, “I didn’t remember I had that!”  So as I was rediscovering all of my treasures and planning the decorating scheme for this spring, I hear the weather forecast for central Illinois –  several inches of snow.  And as I look out the sliding glass doors from the dining room to the deck, which is covered in several inches of snow, and listen to the weather forecast for this week, several more inches of snow, I have decided that spring is definitely not here yet!

So for now, I would like to share with you some interesting items on my kitchen counter.


An old wooden crate on its side makes a unique area to display items.  For now, I have mason canning jars in the crate.  Next to the crate is an antique butter churn and an antique scale.  I like to keep my kitchen towels on the scale.  It is easier to reach them and gives me more drawer space for other items.



Kathi and I have lots of wonderful ideas for projects this year.  We are going to be quite ambitious and we hope you will follow along with us.  Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time, lets’ all think SPRING!!

Pat and Kathi

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