A Sweet Valentines Treat


There is nothing more perfect for a sweet Valentine treat than sugar cookies!!  This recipe has been a favorite of my husband’s family for several generations.  Some of the ingredients have changed since my husband’s great-grandmother made these delicious cookies.  Lard has been replaced by butter and vegetable oil.


When I bake, I like to experiment.  Not necessarily with changing the ingredients, but the manner in which the ingredients are mixed and combined, the way the dough is handled and exact cooking time.  I am constantly making notes as I bake so that I can remember all the little details that make the end product picture-perfect and delicious.


I believe that the most important ingredient in these cookies is the butter, and Land of Lakes Unsalted Butter is my choice.  It gives the cookies a beautiful color and a rich, buttery taste.

Exact cooking time is also critical.  The cooking time for my oven is precisely 11 minutes.  I also turn the cookie sheet at 5 minutes.  Oh, and one more tip, leave the cookies on the cookie sheet for 2 minutes after taking them out of the oven, then move to wire racks.


The red colored sugar is nice for Valentine’s Day.  Please experiment with the recipe and let me know if you have any other good tips.  These cookies not only look beautiful and taste delicious, they are also award winning state fair cookies!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time,

Pat & Kathi

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