A “Rosy” Setting

Wow – welcome 2013.  You know the old saying – How time flies when you’re having fun.  Well friends, Pat and I are looking forward to a fun-filled 2013 doing what we love best – spending time together and sharing our love of decorating with you.

Now that our Christmas decorations have been put away for another year, the house seems rather empty and bare.  To me February is a time to stay inside where it is warm, bake some sweet treats, and spend time with the ones you love.  So in the spirit of Cupid we are going to do some Valentines decorating.

roses close

“Roses are red….”

And aren’t these absolutely beautiful!roses mid copy

I love to collect old coffee pots.  Kathi selected a lovely copper coffee pot with a beautiful porcelain knob on the lid as a vase.  To keep the roses fresh, we placed a canning jar filled with water in the coffee pot.

depression glass copy

Pink depression glass is another of my favorites.  These four bowls look terrific in an arrangement with the deep red roses and copper coffee pot.  You could also fill the bowls with a delicious assortment of candies and sweets.

roses wide copyRoses are lovely in whatever manner they are displayed.  However, Kathi and I feel that using an antique coffee pot for the roses and accessorizing with the different pink depression glass bowls makes a beautiful setting for the dining room.

Thanks for visiting.  Check back soon for more Valentines decorating pictures from Pat’s kitchen and dining room.

Until then,

Pat & Kathi


2 thoughts on “A “Rosy” Setting

  1. I have found a very old copper coffee pot. In my late wife’s boxes of stuff.I can take a picture of it if you are interested in seeing it I have no idea how old it is but it looks to be hundreds of years old. If you have any interest please reply back to me and I will send you a picture. Thank you for your time

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