In March I wondered if I should plant flowers.  And if I did, would people want them?  I wondered how things would continue in a manner that we were accustomed to.

I decided to plant the flowers.  I planted sunflowers.  I planted zinnias.  I planted cosmos.  I planted marigolds.  And they grew like they have never done before.

They are spectacular!  These flowers have brought happiness and hope to graduation parties.

They have brought joy to patients in doctor offices.

They have brought a smile to the face of shut-ins.

And they have brought comfort to families and friends remembering loved ones at memorial services and visitations.

And every evening when I am out in the midst of the flowers, I share their beauty with the bees, butterflies and birds.

And in those moments, I feel a strong sense of peace, joy, and hope.  In a time of crisis and uncertainty, flowers and butterflies are the best medicine!!!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by this summer.  My little flower cart has gone viral and my business is booming or rather blooming!!!  I am hoping that we will have flowers for another month and the pumpkins will soon make an appearance on the NEW cart.  I will also have more barnwood signs and other crafty autumn items.

Stay safe!

Happy Fall!!!!

Until next time,



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