Where does the time go?  It feels as though it flies by so quickly?  It seems like only yesterday that the excitement of the new growing season was upon us.

Beautiful lilacs to start off the season.

Gorgeous bouquets.

Incredible zinnias!

Still my favorite flower!

And this year we added pumpkins and squash.

The growing season has come to an end.  We still have a few pumpkins and squash available on the cart.  But the flowers are finished and we have started clearing the fields and making plans for next year.

I cannot adequately express my sincere appreciation to everyone who stopped by the flower cart this summer.  This is the second year of this incredible journey and I am still somewhat in shock by the success and personal satisfaction that the flower cart has brought to me. Is it hard work?  You bet it is.  But the amount of joy and self-satisfaction certainly makes it all worth it.  And as an added bonus, I lost 25 pounds this summer!!! WooHoo!!!  So I can also add to the list that flower farming makes you healthy!!!!

So yes, I will be back with the more flowers next year.  I will stay with my old reliable zinnias, add a few more sunflowers, more giant marigolds, some black-eyes Susans, more cosmos, and some other filler plants.  The pumpkins were very successful, so we plan to expand on the varieties and add more fall goodies, maybe gourds, cornstalks, etc.  And maybe add a pumpkin cart to keep the flower cart company.  So many plans!!!  I will keep you updated.

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time,


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