As farmers, we tend to spend a lot of time listening to weather forecasts, watching the sky, and playing in the dirt!  Even though we have officially retired from the physical labor of farming, we will always remain farmers and have farming in our blood.

Our land and crops, flowers, grass, and bushes are still recovering from the harshness of this past winter.  My blackberries are very slow to recover and I fear the harvest will be very small.  Hopefully they will come back stronger next year.  The same is true of the ornamental grass.  I am not sure it is going to make it.  We have already dug up two clumps that were on either side of the garage door and replaced them with rose bushes.  We will see how the others progress after the 5 ½ inches of rain 10 days ago and temperatures this week in the 90’s.  (There’s that farmer in me!)

Here are some pictures of what is growing in the front yard!


This hydrangea plant looks very good with lots of blossoms.  I can’t wait to see the flowers.


This hydrangea is not nearly as far along as the previous one.


I love this old kettle, especially filled with marigolds.  This kettle was a fixture in my mother-in-law’s yard for many years.


The daylillies along the front porch are very late this year and are just beginning to bloom.


This mum looks very good and should be loaded with colorful blooms this fall.


In sharp contrast, this mum plant is clearly lagging behind on growth compared to the previous one.  And interestingly, these are planted in very close proximity.


Although the two birds pictured here are not real, it appears that a real bird has built a nest in the birdhouse!  I will keep an eye out for little birds!!


The plants in the old galvanized tub in the even older wheelbarrow are looking good.  I find it very hard to part with my old treasures and like to find ways to continue to showcase them!


One of two planters at the garage door.  Can you tell I love marigolds?

I am so glad that the farm is coming to life with the growth and green of summer.  Next time we will visit the front porch and then swing around to see what it going on in the back yard.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you are enjoying the lovely spring/summer weather!!!

Until next time,

Pat, Kathi, and Carla

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