A Snowy, Cold Winter

This winter has certainly been a doozie!  Lots of snow.  Below zero actual temperatures with dangerously cold wind chills.  Where is Spring????!!!!!!

Here are some snowy pictures of the farm.


It was so cold, I did not venture outside.  These pictures were taken from the dining room through sliding glass doors, facing north – the deck and back yard.  Notice the area around the bird feeder.  The birds have cleared some of the snow from around the feeder.


The machine shed and the blackberry bushes.  There are several inches of snow on the deck railing.


The rose bushes are barely visible on the other side of the deck railing.  You can just see the top of the old sink, which is wrapped in plastic to protect it from the snow and ice.  I can’t wait to see it filled with flowers and the roses in full bloom!!!


I decided to bundle up and venture outside.  Snow has settled in this long-needle pine tree.


Not as much snow on the blue spruce.  This tree is a favorite nesting place for a number of birds.


Baxter likes the snow when the temperatures are moderate.  Our morning walks have been very short due to the dangerously low temperatures and wind chills.  He needs doggie boots and a coat, which he has but does not like to wear!!!!

Exciting things are in the works for SistersCg.  Stay tuned for further details!!

Thanks for stopping by.  Stay warm and safe.

Until next time,

Pat, Kathi, and Carla

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