A Beautiful Day for a Sisters’ Road Trip

Kathi and I are so blessed to be members of a sisterhood of six amazing women!!  That’s right, six sisters, and no brothers!  Four of the sisters, Kathi, Carla, Nancy, and I, still live in close proximity to our original home on Grange Hall Road.  Pam lives in Arkansas and our baby sister, Angela, lives in Wisconsin.  Our bond with each other has remained extremely strong over the years.  That does not mean that we don’t have differences or disagreements.  In fact, we have been involved in some very heated conversations.  But that strong bond of sisterhood always brings us back full circle to our roots and our love for each other makes that bond invincible!

One of our favorite activities is taking a road trip, whether it is one day or several days.  This past weekend, we traveled to the LaTeaDa Tearoom in Clinton, IL.  What a delightful place.  The tearoom is housed in an old two-story house with the tearoom downstairs and a gift shop upstairs.  The lunch was delicious and the desserts were incredible. 


Carla, Nancy (who we call Sis), and Kathi poised on the landing of the stairway.


And I join the girls in this picture as Kathi takes a turn as photographer!  We had a great time doing what we like to do best – relaxing, laughing, getting decorating and craft ideas, and being with each other.  

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time,

Pat, Kathi, and the Sisters!


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